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Prairie Power, Inc. and its member electric distribution cooperatives are involved in numerous local, state, and national economic development organizations.  These organizations include:  private, public sector economic development corporations, foundations, councils, commissions, chambers of commerce, and regional corridor councils; Community Development Corporations; the Rural Partners initiative, and the Illinois Development Council. Through membership in these organizations, PPI and its distribution cooperatives can provide technical and financial support to:

  • Community Planning
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Property Development
  • Organizational  Development
  • Community Marketing for Investment

Illinois Electric Cooperative is involved in assisting the following organizations:

- Jacksonville Regional Economic Development Corporation
- Pike County Economic Development Corporation
- Scott County Economic Development Corporation
- Greene County Economic Development Group
- Calhoun County Community Foundation/Calhoun Economic Development
- I-72 Opportunity Corrido
 Morgan-Scott CEO
- Pike CEO
- Greene-Calhoun CEO