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Annual Meeting Prize Winners

Here is a list of all the winners from this year's annual meeting! Thank you to everyone who made it out to the meeting.


Jim Freeman

Richard Cox

Frank Swan

Bud Robertson

David White

Robert Schafer

Roberta Ryder

James Weber

Ronald Myers

Paul Casey

Rodney Nicholson

Paul Roady

Kim Lash

Eric Lakin

Ruth Lovekamp

James Grady

W.M. Eddinger

Larry Engelbrecht

Steven Smith

George Darr


Edward Caskey

Harold Baird

Alfred Mathesius

Michael Brangenberg


District 1: Terry Duke - Pittsfield Fire Department

District 2: Bill Christison - Blue River Cemetery

District 3: Julie Brackett- MDA

District 4: James Lagemann - K of C

District 5: Darren Hayn - Eldred Baptist Church

District 6: David King - Scott Co. Dog Rescue

District 7: Murrayville-Woodson - Murrayville Food Bank

District 8: Alvin Barnd - Martin Prairie Church

District 9: Carol Carnes - St. Matthew Church

District 10: Edith Wheeler - First Baptist Church Carrollton

District 11: Doug Fraley - Manchester Baptist Church

Jim Freeman